Scribble Art


MFA Students Visual Arts have

noticed that for a particular piece of Non-

Objective Art there should be an inherent Logic with respect to two

abstract values: proportion and balance.

MFA Students Visual Arts

As a young art student Jim Harrigan (on weekends) would sit for hours in front
of an easel waiting for inspiration. It was a classmate,a coed, who suggested
that he go to the National Gallery of Art for inspiration. 
Jim says that was the best advice he ever received while in art school.

  P.S. after a recent group art show,there were several reactions
to Jim's work. These reactions (comments) can be found on
page "Doodles" on this site.

Note to students working toward a MFA: soon you will be on

your own and you won't have the invaluable analyses/critiques

from your art Professors. You will analyze and critique your

artwork yourself.You will need Analytic Power to do this.

The best way to acquire Analytic Power is by studying Mathematics. Jim's advice, fit into your curriculum math courses (coordinate with your art Professors).


P.S. Analytic Power can also be applied to serious music. The understanding and appreciation of serious music can be improved.