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Muse for Visual Arts
Recently, Jim the Artist has been experiencing "writers
block".He noticed that among the recent abstract designs
that he cranked-out,they looked (uncomfortably) similiar
to the last set of abstract designs he cranked-out.

When he discussed this problem with a girlfriend
(also an artist), he quipped that perhaps he needed a visit
from the Muse for the Visual Arts.

But,Jim the Artist,recognized that he (himself) was almost totally
un-informed concerning the Muses of Greek mythology.He knew,
generally, that the Muses of Greek mythology were nine beautiful
young godesses. And that the images of these godesses could be
found in the Classical period of Greek art, but not the Hellenistic
period.Given the foregoing, Jim decided to do some research on
the subject, to find the Muse for the Visual Arts.
Here is a partial list of the Muses:
CLIO, Muse for History
EUTERPE, Muse for Music
TERPSICHORE, Muse for Dance
URANIA, Muse for Astronomy,
...there are Muses for other Arts and Sciences

Jim was truly disappointed to learn that there was
(No Muse for the Visual Arts). Historians of Greek
Antiquity have suggested that: because sculptors
and painters were held in low regard in ancient Greece
and therefore a Muse was never designated for the Visual Arts.

An aside: The goddess Aphrodite was apparently never
descibed as a Muse. A well-known statue of Aphrodite was
discovered on the island of Milos. The statue was of the 
Hellenistic Period of Greek Art.(The Romans named her Venus).