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Shakespeare's Patron was the Earl of Southampton,

Puccini Patron was the Publisher Giulio Ricordi
Bartok Patron was Elizabeth Coolidge
Mozart Patron was Baron Gottfried van Swieten
Tchaikovsky was funded by Nadezhda von Meck

Visual Arts,
Impressionists Monet and Renoir funded by Paul Durand-Ruel
Jackson Pollock Patron was Peggy Guggenheim

The Idea of a Salon then and now,

In the 1830's in Paris France,near the famous village of
Montmartre.The Dutch painter A.Scheffer and his
Daughter established a successful Salon. It was a friday-
evening event held at the Villa of Scheffer.The habituees
of the Salon were:
George Sand; Chopin; Liszt; Rossini. The neo-classicist painter
Ingres was there and the Romanticist painter Delacroix.

The idea of a Salon and the success of the Montmartre Salon,
has always been known and appreciated in Art Circles.
And so, in the year 1910 in Manhattan,Jesse Rittenhouse founded
a Salon for the Poetry Society of America.It was there that Poets
gathered to read and discuss their work and the work of other Poets.
The PSA Salon continued for many years in Manhattan.