Pure Abstract Art


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Jim DiStefano Harrigan is one-half Sicilian and descends from a family of Craftsmen, Designers, and Others.


Jim had his first lessons in Abstract Art in Greenwich Village,NYC . Later

he resided in the art community of  Brooklyn Heights. More recently he

took formal art training at GMU (Virginia) , the Corcoran School of Art; and  the Art School at UMD.       Presently,Jim divides his time, between

Mathematical Statistics and Painting Abstractions.

 The Cognoscenti will find on this website, several pages of Pure Abstract Art. The quality of the artwork varies.

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Jim the painter has admirers and detractors, as would be expected. A detractor said:
This painter (Jim) knocks-himself-out trying to create works that are Different, and
Inventive.What does he have against Convention?